Masterfully unique pieces

Combining elegance with a sporty style, Junghans broke completely new ground when they unveiled their Meister S Chronoscope. In celebration of its anniversary year, the watch manufacturer is now enhancing the sportiness with yet another facet: exclusivity. Crafted from exquisite platinum and limited to just 12 unique pieces worldwide, the Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160 is a timepiece for the ages.

The “Meister” distinction is traditionally reserved by Junghans for only the most exclusive of their watches. With the new Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160, the company continues this tradition in a most impressive fashion. The case, pushers and screwed crown of the Meister S Chronoscope are produced from polished platinum PT950 – the most precious and durable of all noble metals. Together with durable sapphire crystal, this collector’s item will retain its beauty and value for all time. 

Entirely. Extra. Ordinary.

The Meister S Chronoscope is mesmerising with its captivating synergy of warm and cool hues. A progression through fine matt silver to a subtle grey emphasises the curvature of the dial. This is encapsulated by a dark outer ring delineating a distinct contour. Indices coated in a warm gold shade provide a striking contrast against the cool, silver-grey effect of the dial and anthracite coloured minute track. Hands and decorative seams elegantly embellish the diversity of colours on the watch, whilst themselves affording stunning highlights.  

The elegant face of the Meister S Chronoscope also exhibits sporty attributes: skeletonized hands provide the dynamic, while bowl-shaped totalisers typical of the Meister range are set into the dial. An individual limitation number for each unique piece is printed on the hour counter of the watch’s stop function – ensuring that every one of the twelve timepieces is one of a kind. This method of displaying the limitation, assigned to a different hour marker on each watch, was unveiled by Junghans for the first time in 2008 and is copyright protected by the watch manufacturer. 

An extraordinary timepiece is deserving of a strap equally as extraordinary: comprising a combination of high-quality Louisiana alligator leather strap and synthetic rubber, this fits snugly around the wrist of the wearer – thus reflecting the unique symbiosis of exclusivity and sportiness of the Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160. The leather is crafted from select pieces with lavish patterning and emphasises the stylish elegance of the watch in the grey hue coordinated with the dial. Synthetic rubber and a platinum clasp are also conducive to the durability required for sporting activities. This slick combination of exclusivity and sportiness is also very distinct on the back of the watch: large letters on the inside of the strap depict the name of the model and allow constant ventilation. An Edition engraving, as well as the limitation number on the case back serves once again to validate the uniqueness of each individual unit. 

The Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160 combines the traditional exclusivity of the Meister series with a modern sporty design and exceptionally durable materials. Every one of the twelve pieces is a truly masterful one-of-a-kind.