Junghans FORM A Chronoscope: Metropolitan Top FORM

Cool. Clean. Colourful.
FORM A Chronoscope

Time to show your true colours

The new Meister fein Automatic models by Junghans invite to shape time according to your own colours

Gentlemen, start your engines

Junghans competes in the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix - the Official Timing Partner shows two limited edition models

Sponsoring the Lions

Starting in September, Junghans is the new premium and watch sponsor of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen for the 2023/2024 season

Meister fein Chronoscope

Masterly and up-to-date

Start into the future

Junghans takes to the clouds: three new Meister Pilot models

Junghans and Flight – A Journey Through Time

Since the early 20th century, Junghans has been manufacturing mechanical timepieces that served as essential instruments for determining flight duration in airships and airplanes, long before GPS tracking existed.

Sustainability as a principle

The new max bill MEGA Solar by Junghans combines aesthetic and energetic sustainability.

S as in superior

By its own measure:
The new Meister S Chronoscope by Junghans.

In 2022, Junghans reveals higher revenue and positive closing accounts

In the face of challenging signs, the watch factory continues to maintain its economic stability. Its attractive products and long-term partnership with retailers have enabled Junghans to achieve higher revenue and close the 2022 fiscal year on a positive note. The company looks to the future with optimism.

Junghans Awards for Highflyers

For the third consecutive time, Junghans is the Official Timing Partner of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Maren Lundby, Timi Zajc, and brand ambassador Karl Geiger secured the Junghans Awards from the large hill.

Time for Character

The new Meister Chronoscope by Junghans convinces by the sum of its characteristics.
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