Tick Pink!

Junghans celebrates the sporty color of summer 2024 with the 1972 Competition Pink Edition

Buckle Up And Take Off!

Junghans lives for enthusiastic aviation with the new Pilot Automatic

Clean. Purist. Bauhaus.

Junghans continues the max bill Bauhaus series with
the new max bill Regulator Bauhaus

Where has the time gone?

It’s that time again: Sunday morning, March 31, between 2:00 and 3:00 am, the clocks in Europe will be set forward by an hour. But owners of a radio-controlled Junghans watch won’t experience any stress with that. Except perhaps the hour of lost sleep.

Ready, set, go!

Three limited-edition models by Junghans:
The new 1972 Chronoscope Sports Edition 2024

A Masterful Allrounder

Junghans combines classic watch design with a modern casual feel in
the new Meister S Automatic

A Classic with History

A historical watch shines anew:
The Telemeter Edition JF

A Timepiece like a Bespoke Suit

Junghans combines elegance, tradition, und sporty elements
to ensure the Meister Chronoscope goes with everything.

Time Together

Junghans offers mechanical watches in partner look:Meister Damen Automatic and Meister Chronoscope

Extra. Fine.

Junghans celebrates the classically elegant wristwatch
with the new Meister fein Automatic Signatur

Typically atypical

Junghans re-interprets the classic:
max bill Automatic Bauhaus

Junghans FORM A Chronoscope: Metropolitan Top FORM

Cool. Clean. Colourful.
FORM A Chronoscope
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