Bright and friendly – Then as now

The Küchenuhr (kitchen clock) marked the beginning of a tremendous collaboration between Max Bill and Junghans 65 years ago. This classic is now back in its original design.

Spherical. Fine. Designed.

Harmonious composition of fine details:
Limited to just 100 pieces, the Meister fein Automatic Edition from Junghans.

The Passage Of Time

Exquisitely elegant – exceptionally well-defined:
a colour-coded indicator discreetly reveals the remaining power reserve for the lim-ited Meister Gangreserve Edition 160 models.

Signature of a masterful era

The limited Meister Signatur Handaufzug Edition 160 encompasses the tradition of the entire watch range – with an authenticity true to the legendary name.

Tradition and modernity in one FORM

German industrial design meets lived homeland solidarity: the limited FORM A 160 Editions from Junghans.

The Elements of Time

Commemorating six decades of Junghans design competence on the wrist with the limited max bill Edition Set 60.

Geometry for a new age

With its delicate contours and meticulous line management, the Meister fein Automatic carries the heritage of this watch line into a new era.

Masterfully unique pieces

Exclusivity in its purest form: The Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition 160 from Junghans.

max bill MEGA Solar receives the Red Dot Design Award 2021

The max bill MEGA Solar combines the puristic design of Max Bill with the very latest technology – and consequently has now been distinguished with the Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best.

Creating time – yesterday, today and for generations to come.

Uhrenfabrik Junghans are celebrating their 160-year anniversary in 2021. What better reason then, for the long-standing company to take a look back over its history – whilst also very much looking forwards into the future.

A race against time

50 years ago: Junghans leads “Team Germany” in the development of the first quartz watch.

Junghans reports a positives 2020 fiscal year

A successful start to the year, increased investments in digitalisation and new products have mitigated pandemic-related losses in sales. This means that the Junghans watch factory is once again in the black and was able to close an eventful 2020 fiscal year with a slight profit.
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