Clean. Purist. Bauhaus.

Since the 1950s, Junghans has made clocks and watches that conform to the typical purist style of Bauhaus design, and more specifically the artistic hand of Bauhaus disciple Max Bill. The ideals of the designer and design school converge harmoniously in the max bill Bauhaus series, which, including the new max bill Regulator Bauhaus, now encompasses three models bearing the same design codes. These include a matte stainless-steel case, a white dial, and colorful red accents on the hands and date. All of these elements were consciously chosen, as illustrated in an extract of the book max bill am Bauhaus.

“I remember that morning vividly as the front of the Bauhaus building suddenly faced the front driveway of the Dessau train station. It was something that had never been seen before: white walls and large dark glass facades, and in the foreground was the students’ dormitory with balcony doors like minium-red accents.”

The Bauhaus idea is topped off with a lavishly designed case back that makes this series something special. The partially transparent back shows the stylized Bauhaus building with printing underneath the crystal, through the window of which the mechanical movement can be viewed.

max bill Regulator Bauhaus
The Schramberg-based company complements the popular, traditional collection with an exceptional new model: the max bill Regulator Bauhaus. The addition of “Regulator” in the name signifies its special dial design with centrally located minutes and off-center hour and second displays. The prototype for this dial design is the so-called regulator, a highly precise wall clock that once served to aid in regulating wristwatches. The minute hand played a main role in this, which is why it visually dominates the dial. A diameter of 40 millimeters as well as a domed sapphire crystal and thin bezel typical of this line ensure that this exceptional display format is shown to advantage. Automatic Caliber J800.5 drives the new watch with a power reserve of 38 hours.

max bill Chronoscope Bauhaus
Clean, minimalist design and sportiness don’t need to be mutually exclusive, something perfectly exemplified by the max bill Chronoscope Bauhaus. Caliber J880.1 with automatic winding boasts a power reserve of at least 48 hours and even masters short-term measurement. Junghans calls watches with this additional function Chronoscopes, a term derived from the Greek words Chronos (“time”) and skopein (to watch). Today such watches are generally called chronographs (“time writers”), which isn’t quite correct when taken literally. Therefore, clarity in the name has been added to the clarity in this watch’s design.

max bill Automatic Bauhaus
The max bill Automatic Bauhaus is particularly purist. Here, the displays are kept to the absolute essential and useful, just the time shown in hours, minutes, and central seconds as well as the date. It consequently follows the Bauhaus idea that form follows function. The Automatic, powered by Caliber J800.1, is at 38 mm in diameter the smallest of this Bauhaus trilogy – and because of that it is particularly balanced.

Bauhaus meets comfort
Bauhaus designers concentrate on the practical use and efficiency of their designs. For watches this means that they not only need to be perfectly legible, which these three max bill Bauhaus models are, but also comfortable to wear. This is ensured by the lentil-shaped case with its short lugs and straps made of glove-soft leather. Additionally, the three watches are relatively light. For this reason, one only notices the watch when one is purposefully looking for the time. A look that is always worth the effort.