Merry Christmas with Junghans!


Christmas 2016: Golden times with Junghans

When the low-standing sun sets the mood for fall, the twinkling lights of Christ- mas already beckon from afar. And, as every year, the question arises: “With which present can I make your eyes light up?” A special confession of love is wearing matching watches as partners, such as the Meister Hand-Winding for ladies and the Meister Chronoscope for men. Visually fitting, the models remind of those hours of togetherness with every passing moment.

A special sparkle also appears in the golden hue of other models from the Meister collection. Harmonious in every detail is the Meister Calendar, with a case and the heavenly bodies of the moon phase that glisten in rose gold. A very special feature can be discovered while looking to the stars: Junghans star sheds light on the canopy.

The Meister Telemeter presents itself in golden hues that can be worn outside of casual occasions as well, due to the silvery shining dial and the delicately designed telemeter scale. As a three-hand watch, the Meister Classic is the perfect addition to any stylish outfit.

The ladies’ models of the Meister collection are a particular jewel on the wrist: The timepieces are ablaze in dark brown or tan colors and in fine, Roman indi- ces. The max bill Hand-Winding is convincing with a clear face and excites lovers of puristic design.

The timepieces by Junghans – special present ideas from the heart.