Purism in black and white


Black and white – two colours that generate a stark contrast.

By reducing an image or object to these two components structures and forms are emphasized, whilst the gaze is concentrated on the essentials. This especially aesthetic and elegant form of presentation can be found in many areas: in fashion, art and photography. Aesthetics are always to the fore.

The timepieces from Uhrenfabrik Junghans are characterised by their unmistakable design. The black and white models of the max bill by junghans collection form an optical and colourful contrast to one another. A reduced colour scheme that perfectly highlights the purist design of the watches and underscores their expressive effect.

Black and white in one timepiece is also represented in the max bill by junghans collection. The black leather strap of the max bill Chronoscope, max bill Automatic and max bill Handaufzug forms a fine contrast to the white dial, on which fine black indices set accents for optimum legibility.

Masterful design is also apparent in the Meister Damen. Elegant and sophisti-cated, guaranteeing the models an expressive appearance.