The decisive second

As speed increases, so does the meaning of time. Whether it’s the precise steering input when approaching a turn behind the wheel of a sports car, or the acceleration of a plane on the runway shortly before seemingly defying gravity – decisive moments require total concentration and perfect timing. Combining high functionality with an emotional design, the Meister Telemeter, Meister Pilot and Meister S Chronoscope fulfil the unique demands of motorsports – and stand reliably by their wearer’s side when speed and the factor of time simultaneously become more and more important.


Taking off with the Meister Pilot

Clear, functional, and strong in character: Inspired by the legendary pilot chronograph Junghans designed for the newly founded German Armed Forces in the 1950s, the Meister Pilot is a pilot watch through and through. Distinctive luminescent numerals and hands contrasting with the matte black dial guarantee optimal reading of time, even in challenging visibility conditions. Additionally, the chronograph function and ergonomically designed bezel allow for accurate determination of the flight duration – and simultaneously shape the characteristic look of the timepiece. Once an indispensable instrument in the cockpit, the Meister Pilot is an inspiring homage to the fascination of aviation. 


Passion meets precision

Roaring engines, spectacular overtakes and breathtaking speeds: since their inception, motorsports have fascinated the masses by combining technical precision with perfect execution behind the wheel – an interplay also shaping the Meister Telemeter. Its design is based on the wrist chronograph introduced in 1951, in which Junghans combined telemeter and tachymeter displays for the first time. Together with the stop watch function, distance and speed can be measured precisely. The Meister Telemeter integrates these sporty technical details into the clearly arranged silver-plated dial. Together with the highly domed sapphire crystal and the fine case, the chronograph excites with dynamic elegance. Sportive functionality skilfully executed: The Meister Telemeter is a timepiece for motorsport enthusiasts from the very beginning – and remains as beautiful today as it was back then.  


On the racing line at all times

Durable, determined and in every way exceptional – the Meister S Chronoscope is a watch for all those with a tight grip of the wheel, full focus on the racing line, and fuel in their blood. The timepiece combines sporty details such as skeleton hands, bowl shaped 
totalizers and a tachymeter scale, exuding a powerful, dynamic 
design. The massive stainless-steel case with a curved crown guard defines the distinctive contour of the Meister S Chronoscope. In combination with a screwed crown and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the watch boasts an enormous resistance – and leaves no doubt: you can rely on the Meister S Chronoscope, especially when every second counts.

Whether wonderfully nostalgic or captivatingly modern: The Meister Pilot, Meister Telemeter and Meister S Chronoscope by Junghans embody the fascination of motorsports in every second – down on the ground and high up in the air.