S as in superior

Being superior has many faces. It means to be independent, autonomous, and self-determined. Having the freedom to make decisions, and putting them into action with conviction. Being superior also means rising to different challenges by trusting in one’s own strength; and mastering them with a certain light-heartedness, coolness, and stylistic command.

Driven by the various dimensions of superiority, Junghans conceived the Meister S Chronoscope, which has been setting standards in the combination of features and design ever since its inception. Now, with its newly presented variants, the unique identity of the Meister S Chronoscope is being continued – in arguably the most consistent way possible.

Stainless steel and deep midnight blue define the determined coolness of this timepiece. Its sportiness and resolute dynamism develop in its partly skeletonised hands, bowl-shaped totalisers with macchiato brown pointers, and effect lacquer. With a colour gradient from night blue to saturated black, it gives the curvature of the dial additional expression.

Makes no compromises

The curved flank guard characterises the appearance of the massive stainless-steel case, reliably protecting the controls of the chronograph. Its screw down crown, water resistance up to 20 bar, and sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating on both sides equip the Meister S Chronoscope with uncompromising resistance. Whether at work, or far away from everyday life: This timepiece doesn’t shy away from any challenge, proving itself superior in any test of strength.

The two bracelet and strap variants are also geared towards uncompromising practicality: With seven tough rows made of matt and polished stainless steel, the link bracelet embraces the wrist.

The second strap variant consistently continues the colour design: Midnight blue leather parts are safely rubber-cushioned. The decorative seams harmoniously reflect the macchiato shade of the counter hands, and define the stylish and sporty aesthetics of the new Meister S Chronoscope. The inside of the strap bears the name of the model in capital letters – an emotional statement, and simultaneously a well thought-out solution for continuous ventilation of the rubber strap, providing a guarantee for unconditionally high wearing comfort.

The Meister S Chronoscope by Junghans has one measure only: its own. That, too, means being superior.