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Natural. Harmonious. Beautiful.

Colours, forms and textures – nature has always wielded immense fascination for humankind. Since time immemorial, it has served as a source of inspiration for literature, art and photography, and shapes our entire understanding of beauty, harmony and logic.

Natural influences were the inspiration for Junghans in their pursuit of the most becoming colours for the new max bill Kleine Automatic. The puristic design of the watch is based on original concepts from Max Bill, who regarded his creations as “embodiments of the environment”. His works always follow the laws of nature. Logic and symmetry are integral in this regard. This is no more evident than in the extraordinarily articulate and balanced contours of the timepieces which he came to create.

The dimensions of the case for the Kleine Automatic is a return to the beginnings of the max bill series: For the very first time, Junghans are offering an automatic version with a diameter of 34 millimetres, precisely the size of the original from 1961. A novelty which is sure to delight the design purists. Originally designed as a men’s watch with hand-winding movement, the new Kleine Automatic will appeal equally to enthusiasts of the original design from Max Bill who prefer the convenience of automatic winding.

The matt finish stainless steel case enhances the focus on readability of the dial with indices. A harmonious interplay, with natural beauty. At the same time, the design remains in keeping with the prescribed function: displaying the time.

Even the materials which make up the watch were selected with environmental influences in mind. For example, the straps in natural hues are produced from recycled PET material and combine with the ergonomic domed case back to provide a pleasantly light wear comfort. The self-winding movement acquires its energy solely from the momentum of the wearer, thus ensuring maximum conservation of resources.

In addition to the Kleine Automatic, there are also versions of the max bill Damen available with quartz movement, as well as 38 millimetre Automatic versions in the new natural hues. Whatever the size you ultimately decide upon, every version reflects the fascination with natural harmony.