Geometry for a new age

Elegant classic meets innovative design: Ever since their origins back in the 1930s, the watches of the Meister line have remained the heart in the Junghans collection. Indeed, the “Meister” designation is still synonymous with the watch manufacturer’s most exquisite timepieces, and are the very pinnacle of design expertise. With the new Meister fein Automatic, Junghans are upholding this unique identity in the modern world with completely new contouring.

This lends the Meister fein Automatic a wonderfully captivating simplicity: Their concise, state-of-the-art line management conveys a novel styling and draws attention to the geometric design of the watch.

Spherical sapphire crystal joins seamlessly into the watch’s discus-shaped case as if from a single mould, tapering elegantly down to the case back. A narrow bezel channels the convex form of the case into the remarkably simplistic design of the dial. Fine, elongated hour markers and sophisticated bar pointers reference design characteristics of bygone Meister models, while at the same time formulating the future-oriented presentation of the watch.

The dial, with matt silver-plating or vibrant sunray brush, immediately captures the attention of the observer. Three totally different looks can be achieved by combining the watch with diverse strap types: whether classic with tobacco brown leather strap or tantalizing with an interaction of black and cognac. Or why not opt for glamorous with silver-plated sunray brush dial and Milanaise bracelet? However you choose, all these looks have one thing in common: refinement. Curving in toward the centre, the leather strap is completely devoid of any decorative seams, and the Milanaise bracelet is made up of particularly tiny elements.

The Meister fein Automatic from Junghans is physical proof that preservation and change don’t necessarily have to cancel one another out. It combines the essence of a classic with the geometry of a new age.