Fusing Beauty and Utility

It is not until aesthetics, precision, wearing comfort and durability all come together as one that a novelty of today has the potential to become a classic of tomorrow. With their loving design and particular quality, the Meister and max bill watches are no longer only valued by connoisseurs, but have turned into reliable day-to-day companions.

Now, Junghans is meeting the demands of increased suitability for daily use in its Meister and max bill series by fitting all of its watches with durable sapphire crystal. Thanks to sophisticatedly produced and specially domed glass, the timepieces keep their traditional design characteristics while increasing usability and longevity. In addition to their increased scratch resistance, the
watches are also waterproof up to 5 bar, to keep up with the dynamic everyday needs of their wearers.

Established design – increased durability
Even though – or rather, because – this evolution is invisible to the naked eye, the development process has required precise attention to detail and has proved to be a balancing act: On the one hand, the detailed casing demanded adjustments to ensure future compatibility of both sapphire and hard plexiglass. On the other hand, the outward appearance, and thus the authenticity of both lines, should remain completely untouched.

New resistance while keeping an unaltered look – These demands were also applied directly to the new watch glasses themselves: For decades, a particularly high curvature with minimal refraction has been a central design element of Junghans watches. In order to reproduce both of these characteristics with the more resistant glass, the inner and outer radii had to be optimally aligned with one another to ensure optical excellence. Additionally, the production of the dome shape necessitates three times as much of the valuable material compared with flat sapphire crystal.

The result of this process is astonishingly inconspicuous, yet emphasizes exactly the qualities that have made Junghans watches admired classics for decades: The meticulously crafted fusion of beauty and utility into a coherent whole.