Facets of time

Hours, minutes, seconds – time is often given in these units. Mechanical timekeepers can do more, however: Whether it is indicating the time of a place far away, a calendar, showing the moon phase, or information about the current calendar week – thanks to so-called complications, watches have useful features that go beyond time display only. 


The watch models Meister Worldtimer, Meister Kalender, and Meister Agenda by Junghans combine various facets of time on the dial. And they show that complications are sophisticated both mechanically and creatively. If they are integrated into the design in a masterly fashion, however, they provide useful additional information and, most of all, are fascinating to look at. 


The course of time

The world is as interconnected as never before: Business relations, but also families and friendships reach far around the globe, and with that, often across many time zones. So, it is a good thing that the Meister Worldtimer shows time at 24 places in the world at a glance. A time disc integrated into the dial illustrates harmoniously as to how time runs around the globe – and how our world is in continual motion. Every hour of a day corresponds to a metropolis in the respective time zone. With its fine case, pointed hands, and embossed indices, the Meister Worldtimer is designed in a classic and elegant way, with a feature that might never have been more valuable than in our closely interconnected world today.


A Junghans star in the sky

The division of day, month, and year originates in the interplay in our solar system. Astronomical phases have always been giving mankind orientation about time – with an undiminished fascination. In addition to a wonderfully stylish indication of time, the Meister Kalender provides information about date, day of the week, and month on its convex dial, and shows the phases of the moon lovingly designed. If you take a close look, you can spot – even without a telescope – a Junghans star in the sky among the celestial bodies. 

Master of organisation

Puts the day in order: The Meister Agenda supports its wearer when time really flies. Pointed hands, and embossed indices at three, six, nine, and twelve o’clock clearly show time. Furthermore, you do not lose sight of appointments when planning ahead thanks to the handy calendar indication with day of the week and calendar week. The Meister Agenda is powered by the movements of its wearer; and is a reliable companion with its powerful self-winding movement, not only on dynamic days – this is also emphasised by the power reserve indication. All these elements clearly fit into the symmetrical arrangement of the convex dial – so, watch and wearer are always optimally organised.