Buckle Up And Take Off!

Aviation and timekeeping are indisputedly connected to each other. And Junghans honors the bond with its new Pilot Automatic in three variations. Pilot’s watches by Junghans have their own history: already in the early twentieth century this watch factory manufactured board clocks for airplanes that could determine flight time. In an era when GPS was not even a twinkle in a scientist’s eye, the board clock served as the personal clock of the pilot and an important aid for navigation. A milestone in the history of Junghans’ aviation timepieces is the wristwatch for pilots that the company developed in the 1950s for the then freshly established armed forces in Germany: the now-legendary pilot’s chronograph. This was a watch with high recognition value, and not least because of its striking rotating pilot’s bezel with 12 concave recesses.

The Pilot Automatic belongs to this tradition, now taking off in three new variations. While the new Pilot Automatic incorporates the iconic design of the historical watch, it also features some optimal changes that go with the times like its reduced number of displays and more optimized legibility. After all, good legibility is of vital importance for pilots – and incredibly pleasing to watch enthusiasts.

Board instruments for the wrist
The Pilot Automatic’s curved date window has been designed like an airplane display. It is placed just below the 12 o’clock mark, thus building an optical counterweight to the small seconds across the dial in the recessed, bowl-shaped subsidiary dial at 6 o’clock. Especially large numerals lend the dial cockpit charm. And optimal legibility, even at night, is guaranteed by ecofriendly luminous substance on the hands and numerals, which stand in high contrast to the dials. These are lacquered in a gradient effect so that they become darker, and eventually black, the further out to the perimeter one looks.

Junghans provides a choice of three variations on this new watch: for the lover of classic, sporty design two of the Pilot Automatic models come in satin-finished stainless steel cases, one with a dark green dial and dark gray leather strap and the other with dark gray dial and black leather strap. The Pilot Automatic presents itself in a more modern and powerful way in the third variation thanks to a matte, black, DLC-coated, stainless steel case. It harmonizes beautifully with the dark gray dial background that contrasts electrically with its white numerals. All watches bear the historical logo on their dials, which stands for Junghans’ traditional attachment to aviation.

Reliable, suitable for daily wear, and self-assured
Technical reliability in aviation is an important element that is also beautifully expressed by the Pilot Automatic. And the striking 43.3 mm case contributes to this – and every situation daily life throws at the wearer – by remaining impermeable to 10 bar. Its bilaterally rotating bezel complete with a scale of 60-minute markings makes short-term measurement possible to the minute when the arrow-shaped reference marker is placed on par with the minute hand. And a scratch-resistant, antireflective sapphire crystal makes sure that neither the watch’s visuals nor its legibility are impaired. The watch’s motor is just as souverain: Caliber J800.1.6. with a power reserve of 38 hours ticks within the Pilot Automatic. The watch comes on a riveted leather strap that is color coordinated with the dial. Regardless of which version of the watch is the favorite, all the wearer has to do is put it on and take off!