Olympic Spirit in Challenging Times.


A unique narrative of Olympic history is embodied in the limited 1972 Chronoscope Edition from Junghans.

The story of the Olympic games is like no other. In light of the Olympic motto ”Faster, Higher, Stronger”, much has transpired since the first summer games of the modern era were staged in Athens in 1896: events which may be deemed unconventional, dramatic, or even revolutionary. For example, history has seen two world wars cause the games to be abandoned, international tensions have led to specific countries being boycotted, and athletes have taken advantage of the sporting platform to stage a political protest. Now we are to see the competition postponed for the very first time – and as demonstrated once again: The Olympic Games are as ever significantly associated with current events.

The Junghans 1972 Chronoscope Edition reflects the unique history of the Olympic Games, whilst at the same time exemplifying an exceptional collectors’ item. On the one hand, the design of the spectacular chronograph commemorates the 1972 games in Munich. In their role as official timekeepers at these games, Junghans inaugurated a new era of time measurement for high-performance sport with the introduction of specially developed measuring instruments. Starting pistols and photoelectric sensors on the finish line were electronically linked to one another for the first time, thus guaranteeing an objective and incontrovertible recording of run times.
Moreover, presentation of this special limited edition of only 150 individual watches is inspired by the flag of Japan, host country of the upcoming summer games which are currently on hold.

A small second subdial in solid red is a striking contrast against the resplendent white dial of the watch – this shade also provides colour highlights on the trimmed edges of the characteristic cut-outs in the leather strap. In addition to this white leather strap, the limited edition includes a particularly sporty red replacement strap. A rotating bezel and stop function accurate to 1/5 of a second enable sport fans to fully experience the thrill of clinching world record times.

The limited 1972 Chronoscope Edition from Junghans is symbolic of the rich history of the Olympic Games – demonstrating above all: In an endless wave of inevitable uncertainties, the Olympic Games will always endure.