An idea becomes reality


The Junghans watches of tomorrow are created in the Design department in Schramberg. Inspiration and tradition are blended here with current market developments and proven Junghans values.

From the original idea to the first sketches and on to the 3D visualisation in CAD: a great deal of care goes into creating the perfect Junghans watch. In addition to inspiration, the beginning for the creative process is the question which movement comes in use.


The decision as to whether a mechanical, radio-controlled, radio-controlled and solar or quartz movement should power the planned watch is decisive for the proportions and dimensions of the watch. Technical considerations, ergonomic details and dial design are pondered down to the tiniest detail and coordinated with one another. In conclusion, the design is modelled in a 3D programme and examined for feasibility. The standard adhered to in this is always the rich tradition of Junghans – because each new watch transports the identity of the Junghans brand and product range, interpreting this anew.