Erhard Junghans

Visualising time


Erhard Junghans was an unconventional thinker in his day. And still today, his visions and very unique timepieces bear witness to this. His accomplishments came to life at a time when inexpensive imported watches from America made life extremely difficult for countless small craftsmen.

This crisis ultimately spurred the challenge and successstory of a single man in Germany: Erhard Junghans. With the introduction of new production processes and technical innovations, timepieces from Schramberg were soon recognized worldwide for their reliability and precision.


Although Erhard Junghans passed away in 1870, his spirit lives on within the company, the brand and especially in his timepieces.

The models of the Erhard Junghans collection not only represent the ideal of a timepiece by appreciating common values, but they are also a tribute to the company founder Erhard Junghans – one of the true pioneers of the fine German art of watchmaking.

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