• Time for Bauhaus


Time for Bauhaus


100 Years of Bauhaus


2019 Bauhaus is celebrating its 100 year anniversary - a landmark which is also of particular significance for Junghans. Renowned across the globe, the indistinguishable German design of industrial products traces back in part to the Bauhaus movement.


The Bauhaus


Instrumental in revolutionising architecture, art and design, the Staatliche Bauhaus was founded in Weimar 100 years ago. Functional design has been a characteristic of Junghans watches since the 1930s. Thanks to Max Bill, Junghans enjoys a special affinity to the Bauhaus style: This is represented in our max bill series of watches, as much in vogue today as at the time of their initial conception. Bauhaus’ design philosophy, and that of Max Bill himself lives on in our watches.



Max Bill


Max Bill


Max Bill was an architect, painter, sculptor and product designer. His work was always focused on the most essential elements, a hallmark of the Bauhaus philosophy. Whether this related to a watch or a piece of art, they were equally an “embodiment of the environment” and as such should be both elegant and practical in their everyday use. After writing design history way back in 1956 with his kitchen, table and wall clocks, 1961 saw the creation of his now iconic Junghans wristwatches.






max bill Chronoscope
100 Jahre Bauhaus



These Bauhaus characteristics are also significant in the design of 100 units of the limited edition max bill Chronoscope 100 Jahre Bauhaus. Clear lines ensure that the focus remains on the most essential aspect: optimum readability of the time. Colour arrangement of the watch is inspired by the architecture of the Bauhaus building. The dial mirrors the white walls within the Bauhaus, and the red display of the date represents the famous entrance. Max Bill himself entered the school through these very doors. A particular feature of this watch is the case: for the first time Junghans will present a max bill Chronoscope made from 18 carat white gold.




max bill Automatic
100 Jahre Bauhaus



This watch bears the fundamental ideas ingrained in the very fabric of the Bauhaus. The matt silver dial commemorates the white walls of the building in Dessau, and the anthracite coloured case is representative of the striking façade. A grey strap is inspired by the construction element of the Bauhaus: concrete. Guaranteeing ideal readability thanks to their clear and simplistic form, the red hands mirror the colour design of the famous red doors of the Bauhaus in Dessau. A hue which is even more prominent in the red date wheel.






FORM A 100 Jahre Bauhaus



With a rudimentary focus on the interaction between form and colour, Bauhaus was infinitely more colourful as a school of thought than is generally perceived. The twelve pronounced hour markings on the dial of our anniversary model seize upon the colour wheel devised by Bauhaus teacher Johannes Itten, a magical symbolism for the cycle of time.

Limited to 1,000 units.








A lot has changed since 1961. Or has it? The series of mechanical watches developed by Max Bill for us back then are still being produced practically unchanged today.
From the puristic dial with the specially designed, distinctly rounded numerals, to the domed glass which emphasises the historical charm of the watch.
The elegant simplicity of a modest case also focuses on the principle element: the time. Practicality and aesthetics could not be combined to greater effect in this regard.
The design philosophy of Max Bill lives on in our watches. This is upheld by way of continued clarification with the designer’s successors and the max, binia + jakob bill foundation. Ensuring that original is forever original.




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